How The Utah Snowpack Will Turn Into A Lovely Water Supply

Salt Lake City is one of the most beautiful cities in all of America, and it has a heavy snowfall every year that will provide for a lovely runoff when the snow melts. The Utah government is very worried about Utah’s water conservation. Water conservation can be taken to help you store water, feed off the snow, and create a better plan for living off the grid. You cannot collect enough water for the whole year when the snow melts, but you can make some changes to your home conservation plan when the Utah snow starts to melt.

How Will You Collect Water?

You can collect water with a runoff tank that will also collect rainwater in the spring and summer. You can build up a massive supply of water that is attached to your home, and the runoff merely adds to it. The Utah snow is very heavy, and you know that it will hit Salt Lake City every year. You need to have a water conservation system installed on your property before the snow comes, and you must be certain that it is serviced at least once a year.

How Do You Collect Runoff?

You collect runoff through your gutters and a special tubing system that could be attached to your roof, but it could also be in your yard. You can catch the runoff from a trench that you have dug into the lawn that will filter the water and send it to a tank.

The French Trench

The French trench is a standard channel that you can use to force water to run to a certain location. You dig a small channel fill it with rock, and put it in a place where the water will flow as the snow melts. You can collect all that water in a tank, and it can be filtered before you use it. This is only one technique that you can use, but it is one of the most effective when you have a large yard to work with.

The Roof Tank

The roof tank is no different from a tank that you might find on a tall building. You can collect rainwater, and you will get the snow falling into the tank in the heavy snow season. You can have all the runoff run back into the tank, and you will find that you can build a lovely system that will feed all back to this tank. You can even use an air compressor to force water from your trenches back to the roof tank. Problems with the roof tank are not like a simple yard problem where a landscaper in Utah just comes and fixes. 


The water that you get from the snowfall this year will help you conserve and create a store of water that you can use for the future. There are many reasons to do this, but the most important is using less municipal water. Stop paying a high water bill when you can install a water tank, collect the runoff, and use the snow season as a way to keep more water for yourself. Use this water throughout the year with a simple filter.

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