Utah Water Conservation- We need to do better

If you live in Salt Lake City, Utah, then you are no stranger to the water shortage. Currently, water conservation in Utah is far behind. Unlike other states out west Utah struggles to save water. Many water suppliers have stepped up to preserve the water. The attempts of these suppliers have been to no avail. The state leaders in Utah has been at a standstill when it comes to water conservation Utah. All in the name of government aid the state officials have chosen to do nothing. By doing nothing, this allows the state to receive funds for projects. While this sounds good, the problem is the water is suffering or rather going down the drain.


To Sink Or Float that is the question?

While National levels drag their feet, the local companies in salt lake city are trying the best to keep the water level stable. Other states in the west have been doing a great job of attempting to plug the water usage by putting in measures. These measures are to help the people statewide to see the benefit in saving water. Its not just feeling good about yourself or spending less money on your Salt Lake City landscaping. It is making a real change.

  • Taking away tax subsidies that allow people to waste
  • Rebate programs help in saving water
  • Restriction enforcement on water.
  • metered water to reduce water waste.

Big Talk Little Effort

In the Utah state government, their bark is bigger than their bite. At least that is what the Salt lake city thinks. Over the past 20 years, there has been little movement about the water crises. The state implemented a 1% water waste reduction that was supposed to bring down the water usage. Instead, the water usage increased because the reduction plan was too small. Another idea that’s inaction is the Water Conservation Plan Act. Being the first plan back in 1998 to lay out a strategy to help the water, the act seemed good. Fast forward to 20 years later, and it’s still there doing nothing for the water crises.

Plans to take water into your own hands

While in some states (including Utah) harvesting rain is illegal. Utah is stepping up to use the rain to source water. Utah allows up to 2500 gal of water per property. Utah has put together a program that will enable people to harvest rain finally. Between 15000 -and 23000 gallons of waterfall during the fall months of Utah.


The next program they have is an interactive software called blueprint. Blueprint allows the user to plug in their water activities throughout the day. At the end of the diagram, it shows how much you use and compares you to other states. The chart is a passive way of helping the issue.

To help with water conservation in Utah, associations have made it a must to get landscaping that does not take a lot of water to thrive. Check with your city requirements first before doing this because you can be charged a fee for doing so. As crazy as it sounds in the state with the highest water use. Make sure to be smart but be careful.

We need to share this message with as many people as we can so that as a city we can begin to make improvements. We want to thank our partners like Klingler & Associates for helping us share this important message about water conservation.

Maps Driving Directions:



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