Utah Pulls More Hydro Power Out Of Lake Powell

Utah is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. From the Colorado river to Lake Powell, and everything in between. Residents are tourists alike delight in the natural scenery. Salt Lake City and the surrounding communities are a wonder to behold. However, these are also resources that are important to the well being of the community that lives there.

Water is Life in a Desert

Various projections have shown that the state will have an increasing water crisis in the coming years. Most residents have been relying on a single source of water that is potentially unreliable, especially in the coming years. If anything were to happen to the Virgin River basin, much of the state would be without water. Droughts are already a regular occurrence, happening just about every other year.

To prepare for this a pipeline was proposed to bring water down from the Colorado river. The pipeline is a 142 miles long, and connect to St George. This would alleviate any water shortages or contamination problems that may arise in the future. It will also help to save water in the region. It’s a project 10 years in the making.

Plans Are Not Set in Stone

While the plan itself is fairly straightforward, securing funds is less so. One of the selling points of this plan was to set it up so that the pipeline could provide hydro electric power to offset the costs of the project. This was to be achieved by using two reservoirs it the top and bottom of the Hurricane Cliffs. When power was needed some of the water at the top would be run past the power generating equipment and stored at the bottom reservoir.

However, this part of the plan was recently pulled from the project. The FERC application has been withdrawn, and the reservoirs won’t be built. Most of the costs in the FERC application will be reusable when submitting the current project. While this will remove the planned revenue source, this also lowers the project cost. Additionally, this will help minimize the potential environmental impact the plan may have.

A Brighter, if Somewhat Wetter Future

The primary goal of the pipeline has always been to bring water to the people. It will ensure the communities there continue to thrive without water shortages that have plagued other states. This project will help save water in the region, and the changes will preserve the natural beauty of the state. Utah will continue to be home to it’s great vistas and wildlife. There’s more to the state than Salt Lake City. It’s residents will continue to have the refreshing water needed to combat summer’s heat

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